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Washing instructions

Wash properly and take care of your clothes, so they'll be fine longer. Remember to always follow the care instructions.

Small tips

Turn your clothes inside out when washing. Your clothes will keep their fit longer, minimizes the friction and will prevent yarn from pilling. If you’re washing your clothes in the washing machine you can protect them by putting them in a washing bag. Try not to wash your clothes to often, instead try to aerate. Make sure to use the right laundry detergent to not destroy the wool, for example fine for sensible clothes. Furthermore, while not using your clothes for a longer period of time remember to clean and stored them in a tight plastic box or bag to avoid pests such as clothes moths. In addition you can add some lavendel or cedar, the moths don't like the smell.


If you wash wool, keep in mind that the garment is sensitive and should not be washed unnecessarily. Instead, try to air dry the garment from time to time.

When washing wool it's important that it is not wet for too long and that you do not use normal detergent. Ordinary detergents contain enzymes that destroy the wool. Instead use wax cleaners for wool or fine garments. Also, be careful not to have too hot water when you wash without keeping it lukewarm.

Dissolve detergent in the water and put on the garment. Squeeze the garment a few times and soak it. Note that it is important that you do not twist or rub the garment as it can destroy the fibers and fade but also cause the garment to lose shape. Squeeze out the water and rinse in fresh water until the detergent is gone. If you wash garments of different colors, it is important to change water because the other garment can be stained from the water. Do you have hard water with lime in, you can put in a rinse vinegar in the last rinse the water to get rid of the lime. The vinegar smell disappears when you dry the garment.

When you dry the garment, do it by squeezing out the water. Please note that you should not twist out the water as the garment can lose shape. When you have squeezed out the water, take a clean towel, put the garment in the towel and roll or fold it together. Press or push the towel to get the rest of the water out and remove the garment from the towel. When you dry the garment it is important that you do not hang up the garment as it will lose shape. Therefore, be sure to put it on a trunk or something else where you have an airy surface. Do not use a tumble or a drying cabinet as the garment can be destroyed.

Protect your garments

This applies mainly to the garments that contain different types of wool. If you have not intended to use your garment for a long period of time, put it in a tight cloth bag or plastic box to avoid any problems with pests eating holes in your garments, such as moths. Before storing the garment it is important that you wash it, the animals love grease and dirt. Also protect it with lavender scent and cedar wood. In some countries, there are also some stronger products that can help if you have a lot of trouble. Also, keep in mind that if you have a moth problem, you can shake your clothes occasionally. This is something that the moths doesn't like.